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iLCS Smart System

Software Control

Software Control

Operator able to control
and monitor lights
individually through
software installed into

Data Control Unit DCU

Data Control Unit (DCU)

Monitors, controls &

manages all connected LCUs.

It also functions as the

gateway for the connected

LCUs to the IT world.

Light Control Unit LCU NEMA

Light Control Unit


Compatible with either NEMA

or Zhaga socket ready to

establish a smart city neural

infrastructure network.

Cloud Vision

Cloud Vision

Cloud based on platform

for real time control of luminaires,

real time monitoring of load

& lighting levels.

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City Environment

Most Innovative Product Award

by Middle East Lighting
Design Summit 2018

Most Innovative Product Award

by Australian Smart Lighting
Summit 2018

Participation Award

by Abu Dhabi
Smart City Summit 2019

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  • A smart city relies on smart technology and require transformation the way municipalities manage its assets and resources. Smart street lights with energy efficiency can deliver enormous savings on total energy costs. It gives flexibility for municipalites to manage data, obtain useful informations and control luminaires remotely. The operators can optimize their maintenance schedule to monitor street lights individually or in groups by streets or blocks from a computer or smartphone. Additionally, city planners are able to configure and schedule lights at a specific timeframe by dimming, on or off. iLCS makes it easy to control and automate your lights from anywhere and anytime.

System Benefits – Social, Environmental & Economic

System Benefits
  • Weather & Air Quality Monitoring System
  • Public Security Management System
  • Surveillance Features to Enhance Safety & Security
  • Telecommunication Hub
  • Intelligent Real-Time Monitoring
  • Visual Intelligence & Analysis
  • Smart Metering
  • Motion Detection
  • Wireless Smart Parking
  • Traffic Flow Management System (Dynamic Dimming)

Energy Efficient Street Lantern

Energy Efficient Street Lantern
  • Our iLCS is to incorporate energy-efficient lighting such as LED Lights across the city. Additional functions such as motion sensors, monitoring and optimizing the maintenance schedule to ensure that the lights are only lit when required and dimmable controls to further reduce energy consumption. iLCS provides real-time data about energy consumption, carbon footprint and other sustainability metrics and promote citizen participation in achieving sustainability goals.

Why Choose iLCS?

  • Smart & Flexible
  • Unique Advantages
  • Robustness & Reliable
  • Design Uniformity
  • Versatile Functionality
  • Heterogeneous Network

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