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SUCCESS, an established power transformer manufacturer in Malaysia and also LED light manufacturer in Malaysia. We are headquartered in Malaysia with a workforce more than 450 employees. We market our products locally and export globally making us the largest lighting supplier in Malaysia with more than 70 distributors around the world. We offer high bay led lights, smart street lighting system, LED floodlights, HID lightings and electrical apparatus. With the continuous improvements of our products and services, we create and add values to the quality of people’s lives.


Smart city is defined as urban innovation, combining data and technology to create city’s operational efficiency, improve infrastructure for developing countries and raise urban living standards. iLCS® helps municipalities to enhance communal public safety, security and surveillance demand.


The illumination of CERVELLI floodlights are able to provide aesthetic appeal and attractive ambience by highlighting architectural shapes perfectly. CERVELLI floodlight adds security by illuminating outdoor public spaces, business premises, facade building, construction site and many more.


QPS® transformers are widely in demand for commercial building, laboratories, marine industries, manufacturing and automation production processes operating environments. Making smart choice by using our energy-efficient power transformers to maximize cost savings. We support the common goal of sustainable green buildings projects.


RA365 GEN2 INTEGRATED SOLAR LED STREET LIGHT is a viable solution to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and massive savings on total energy costs. LEDs emit very little heat and have longer life-span. LED street lighting is important on the roads for the drivers to stay alert and helps to eradicate dangers.